The CrossFit Games Open 2019

Written by Oliver Smith CFL2

I am not big on the competition side of CrossFit. I don’t see CrossFit as a sport even though it fits the definition of sport.

“an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.”

I have always seen it as a strength and conditioning protocol. Which is what it originally was and it would seem HQ is going back to. And to date, I haven’t found anything better. In truth, I haven’t looked really hard.

Having said that I have done The Open every year since it started back in 2011. There are a number of reasons I do The Open and here they are:

  1. CrossFit is a global community and by doing The Open we are all doing the same thing at almost the same time – well at least over the same 5 days. Almost like a flashmob. I like flashmobs.
  2. The scores are verified by having a judge count reps and validate your effort*, which means you can see where you slot in, fitness-wise, in the global CrossFit community. And with the custom leaderboards, you can now see by age, by state, by country etc.
  3. People within our own community get pulled in a little closer. People who don’t usually train together get to hang out and go head-to-head.
  4. We go for breakfast after. I love this part!

And fundamentally it boils down to hanging with my crew and having fun. So if you’ve never done the Open, you’ve missed 19.1 and you can still do the next 4.

* I know people don’t always judge with integrity. We’ve seen the dodgy videos and heard of the disqualification. And a lot of people don’t even do the judges’ course. However, even with all that going on, I assert that people lift their game when they are being watched and produce better quality movement.
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