“For me, CrossFit had always been this distant topic of conversation. I stumbled into CrossFit by chance feeling very intimidated, watching two girls lift heavy barbells at an impossible-seeming pace and weight. That first week was overwhelming. Shrug your shoulders! Knees track out! Heels on the ground! Don’t look down! Back flat! I barely knew what a clean, jerk or snatch was. I was terrified of going upside-down, much less kick up into a handstand and I thought I had a killer air-squat until I learned what ‘below parallel’ meant. This is only my first year of Crossfit and guess who can kick-up into a handstand? This girl can. Guess who feels comfortable picking up a bar and performing lifts? This girl does. And guess who’s become a CrossFitter and has friends to share in sore muscles, callused hands and the love of bacon? This girl.”

– Kaling Ng

“A one-hour class before work fits into a busy day. And being able to choose classes focusing either on strength or conditioning makes it possible to work towards particular goals. With the advice of fantastic coaches, I’ve been able to adapt workouts and train through injuries, something not always possible with other sports. There is a real community at CrossFit Infinitum, with most people living nearby. I’ve made close friends and early mornings are easy thanks to laughs and friendly competition with the 6am crew.”

– Christina Magill

“CrossFit Infinitum is by far the best gym I have trained at. The programming is challenging and achievable regardless of fitness or ability level and it works! I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been. The members are awesome everyday people working towards their health and fitness goals and have become good friends outside the gym! I love everything about CrossFit Infinitum and the next session can never come soon enough!”

– Ashleigh Peppernell

“Congrats, a real achievement. It’s a great place to work out and you guys are doing a great job.”

– Kathy Srdanovico

“Awesome place and trainers! A lot of support and enjoyable way to be active and get results!”

– Lucas Valensise

“Awesome coaches! Great workouts! I absolutely Love it!”

– Phil Bessen

“Great atmosphere. Supportive coaches. Friendly members. Love it.”

– Judith McDonald

“Oliver, to run any business successfully, first and foremost is to have passion, dedication and professionalism, of which you demonstrate every session I attend, and I wish to thank you and the coaches, for helping me to become a better person both physically and mentally – to heights that I never thought possible”

– Catherine Natoli

“Congratulations Oli, you’ve built an amazing business and an awesome place to come to day after day to make us all the better/ fitter etc. Thanks again.”

– Marc Iacono

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