Some more lifting ratios

In our second blog post (at the beginning of October 2017), I put up a blog about lifting ratios. In that post, we used the deadlift and back squat as a comparison tool. If you are still wondering how your lifts compare here are a few more ratios to use as an assessment. This is just a guide. Everyone is different – age, experience, training style etc. will play a part.

Olympic lifts

  • Back squat 131% of Clean and Jerk.
  • Snatch 80% of Clean & Jerk.
  • Front squat 105% of C & J.

Power Lifts

  • Front squat 85% of Back Squat.
  • Deadlift 120% of Back Squat.
  • Shoulder press 60% of Bench Press.
  • Weighted bar dip 105% of Bench Press (Bodyweight is included in that figure).
  • Weighted chin-ups 90% of Bench Press (Bodyweight is included in that figure).

The above is a good guide for CrossFitters and they are more for specialist lifters. For us CrossFitters we can use these ratios as a guide:

  • Clean to Bench Press 100%.
  • Mile run to 400m run – 20% slower.
  • Fran should take 50% of your Mile time.
  • 43kg unbroken thrusters equal to unbroken kipping pull-ups.
  • GHD situps equal to handstand push-ups (not too sure on this one).
  • 800m run 90% of 1k row

Some food for thought there. Whip out the calculator and crunch some numbers. See where you’re at on all your lifts.


Speaking of lifting. One of the fundamentals of lifting is loading and unloading a bar. Check out these 2 YouTube clips. The first one shows the correct way to unload a bar. And the second one gives you a good tip on how to load more plates by rolling it onto a small plate.



Why use the hook grip when lifting?

The hook grip is, without doubt, the most secure way to hold a bar when pulling from below the waist. Particularly when you snatch or clean. This is because of the speed needed to execute the lift. The speed peaks in the middle of the lift (position 1), and at maximum speed, you want maximum grip.

I can confidently say without using hook grip you will unlikely ever meet your full potential in the snatch and clean. And here’s the thing it is not comfortable to use at all. You’ll hate it until you get used to it. CrossFit at its core is a strength and conditioning protocol. The conditioning is not all about your body developing work capacity it is also about developing tolerances, been conditioned to use the hook grip, develop calluses on the hands so you can hold onto the bar or rig etc.

The hook grip is going to take some getting used to. Build up a tolerance by using it whenever we do drills with the stick or empty bar. Over time progress to using it when you are lifting lighter loads and next thing you know, it’ll become second nature. To protect your thumb wrap some tape around the thumb. Don’t use physio tape it needs to be flexible so the joint can still move.


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