Reliving my childhood athlete

Written by Christina Magill

Growing up in New Zealand my life revolved around sport. I was a diver and spent my time in and around the water, twisting and somersaulting. Mornings were spent on the trampoline, tumbling or conditioning, and afternoons were on the diving boards. It was cold in winter. There were LOTS of bruises. And all this needed to be fitted around school and then university, but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. I got to travel all around New Zealand and Australia, met awesome people, and it set my life in the direction that it is now. Diving builds many skills and a huge amount of confidence, and I am still involved as a coach today.

After moving to Australia and more study, I again found my own love of exercise but this time with the Brazilian martial art, capoeira. Fast-forward 10 years, I needed a way to keep up with the younger, stronger guys and girls. CrossFit Infinitum was across the road from home, and I decided to try a couple of classes a week to see what happened. And it worked! I got stronger, could play for longer and loved how my body changed (except for the callused hands).

That was four years ago, and I’ve caught the bug. I’m now at the gym six days a week and, like many others, love that I can again challenge myself as I did when I was younger. I found that I can still do a handstand but also that I can deadlift almost twice my bodyweight. Both capoeira and CrossFit have elements of gymnastics that initially drew me to them. But with CrossFit, it is perhaps the weightlifting that I now enjoy the most. It was a surprise to me just how many similarities there are to diving. Particularly in the way that complex movements are taught. There are little breakthroughs and so many challenges – one day I’ll get a muscle-up…

A one-hour class before work fits into a busy day. And being able to choose classes focusing either on strength or conditioning makes it possible to work towards particular goals. With the advice of fantastic coaches, I’ve been able to adapt workouts and train through injuries, something not always possible with other sports. There is a real community at CrossFit Infinitum, with most people living nearby. I’ve made close friends and early mornings are easy thanks to laughs and friendly competition with the 6am crew.

2018 is bringing new CrossFit challenges. I’m working on getting stronger. Squatting lots, eating loads, and looking forward to competing again, but this time as a masters athlete.

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