Our strength classes are set up for you to get strong. In the strength classes we do all the major lifts and some accessory lifts. We take the time to learn the technicalities of the lifts. The strength classes consist of barbell movements and body weight movements.



Our metcon classes are set up to challenge the metabolic pathways. We use the CrossFit protocol to make sure you gain work capacity over broad time and modal domains.



The OnRamp programme is for people who are new to CrossFit and/or exercise. The OnRamp programme has Beginner Classes for you to attend. It is set up to ease you into your health and fitness journey with CrossFit. Some of the Beginner Classes run in conjunction with a regular class, in which you will participate. However, you will have your own coach to take care of you*.

The duration of the OnRamp programme is 4 weeks and there is an upfront cost of $260. The requirement is that you attend 12 classes in that period. There is also a stand-alone Beginner class in which we will teach you the Fundamental Movements of CrossFit, explain what CrossFit is, our CrossFit philosophy and programming and answer any questions and address any concerns you might have at that point. You only need to attend this class once in the 4 week period. If you would prefer to do a one-on-one session please check out our personal training page for available times and costs.

*This is dependant on the number of participants in the regular class.


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