DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness.

If you exercise you have experienced D.O.M.S at some stage of your training regime.

D.O.M.S (delayed onset muscle soreness) occurs 12-72 hours after training. Its presence is unmistakeable and, in some cases, unbearable. D.O.M.S is associated with swelling (the muscle almost looks pumped), stiffness in the affected joints and a possible loss of strength and reduction in mobility. To treat D.O.M.S. avoid taking NSAID and painkillers because they can mask some of the signals that initiate the construction and repair process. Adequate hydration and nutrition is vital to your recovery. And keep moving (active recovery) because this enables the muscles to contract and expire the waste products as carbon dioxide.

Speak to coach or a trained professional on advise on recovery techniques and supplements.

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