CrossFitters go Bouldering.

At CrossFit Infinitum we have monthly social events, mainly so different parts of the community can meet each other. And hang out.

People with busy lives create a routine and tend to stick with it, as that’s what works. People either train before work or after work. At our social events, morning crew gets to meet afternoon crew. 5pm crew get to meet 7pm crew and so on. We get to put faces to the names that we see on btwb scoreboards. And chat to the faces we see, in passing, at the gym.

Some of the events are activity related and some of them are food and drink related. Our latest adventure was activity. We went Bouldering. Check out a video for some of the action. In Bouldering it’s called problems and when you watch the video you’ll see why they do that as you can see people working out what’s the best way up or down.

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