Active Kids Rebate

The NSW government is giving parents who are eligible a $100 for their kids to participate in an activity provided by a register service provider. And guess what? CrossFit Infinitum is a service provider. So [...]

What is inflammation? And what’s the big deal?

Here’s a little of what we know about inflammation, and a few things that are still a mystery. What is inflammation?  Inflammation is a broad term, but essentially it’s the immune system’s response to an [...]

We had some gear made…

We recently had some tees and singlets made. Her is a shortly video of them getting screen printed and put through the oven.

The CrossFit Games Open 2019

Written by Oliver Smith CFL2 I am not big on the competition side of CrossFit. I don't see CrossFit as a sport even though it fits the definition of sport. "an activity involving physical exertion [...]

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