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Creatine and your brain

Although you might be more interested in how creatine affects muscle growth and development, understanding creatine's function in the brain really shouldn't take a back seat. Both myocytes and neurons are highly active cells and consume vast [...]

Your numbers!

Written by Oliver Smith I recently posted a YouTube clip addressed to our members about recording their results. Accumulating workout data. It was geared towards using the data to select workouts i.e. work your weaknesses. By [...]


Back in January, I posted a blog about lifters elbow a.k.a tennis elbow or golfers elbow. In that blog, I spoke about grip strength, hand position, and self-myofascial release as a workaround and treatment plan [...]

How Much Protein for Strength and Mass Gains?

I had it that in order to grow (increase mass/size)  one needs to increase calories. And make sure a large part of that increase is protein. I recently read an article by Charles Poliquin on [...]

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