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Strength & Conditioning All in One

As a fitness alternative, CrossFit at its core is a strength and conditioning framework or protocol if you like. With most CrossFit centres including both a strength and a metabolic conditioning component in a single one hour class it can feel all too rushed to get through these respective workouts fully, especially when there are new and technical movements to teach carefully to both entry level and seasoned CrossFitters.

CrossFit Infinitum understands the importance of both the Strength Training and Metabolic Conditioning aspects of the CrossFit workouts and operate specific WOD’s to accommodate the two core areas of the CrossFit training system to ensure both aspects are covered diligently, providing members a chance to really dig in and give both aspects of training their all. This provides a much more fulfilling CrossFit experience for our members and allows them to decide on the areas they wish to focus on according to their schedule.

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Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith
My fitness journey started in the late 80’s, while I was still at school. It was the usual thing, sign up at a local gym, get a programme and crack on with it. Part of my motivation at the time, was I wanted to be fitter for rugby.
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Ashleigh Peppernell
Ashleigh Peppernell
My CrossFit journey began in 2013 after hearing and reading so much about it, I wanted to try it for myself. Since then I have tried and tested various methods of training, however I always found myself back in the box.
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