Who are we?

CrossFit Infinitum aims to provide each and every member with world-class training facilities, a professional team of trainers and a comfortable and friendly environment for members of all fitness levels. Whether you are new to CrossFit or are at an advanced level, CrossFit Infinitum is perfect for anyone wanting to make the change in their life and take ownership of their personal health and well-being through a proven and highly effective community based fitness system.

CrossFit Infinitum invests a lot of time into session programming to ensure you are constantly challenged and progressive with your fitness goals; and although the variety of programming may appear as a bunch of exercises simply thrown together, there is scientific validation to our programming methods. By adhering to our focused workout cycles, together we can create positive change to your body composition and no matter what age or fitness level you start off at, you will see your body begin to change in a matter of weeks – it’s all down to you.


Remembering that CrossFit is all about keeping your body guessing and ensuring you are constantly challenged regardless of your experience or level of fitness. By ensuring each session/W.O.D is constantly varied and coupled with high intensity functional movement we are ensuring you are burning fat whilst protecting your valuable and hard earned lean muscle mass which ultimately will boost your metabolism and keep you trim and healthy for the long term.

All sessions at CrossFit Infinitum are programmed by our Head Coach Oliver and are available each week via our website. Although our CrossFit programming is challenging it can be modified to accommodate fitness levels of all types. We want to ensure that our members get the most out of each and every workout and given the flexibility of the CrossFit framework we can ensure all members are satisfied with their performance after each session.


Warm-up including mobility followed by either:
Strength WOD: Barbell and/or bodyweight with a quick little burner at the end (time permitting), or Conditioning WOD with a core drill at the end. Ending with a stretch to cool down.


Our mission is to provide each and every CrossFit Infinitum member with the tools, knowledge and systems to become a fitter, leaner and healthier version of themselves ensuring they are supported and motivated by the local and international CrossFit community with guidance from the professional team at CrossFit Infinitum.

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